Family Law

Do Not Face the Divorce Process Alone

Do Not Face the Divorce Process Alone

Retain a divorce lawyer in Hamden, CT

When you and your partner decide to make a final split, it is important to hire a divorce lawyer to represent your interests throughout the process. A lawyer at Farver & Heffernan will handle all aspects of your divorce case to seek the best results that we can. We offer legal services for clients in Hamden, CT and the entire State of Connecticut.

Are children involved in your divorce? Let us assist you with child support and child custody disputes. Get in touch with a child custody lawyer today to make an appointment.

Create legally binding agreements

When you decide to file for divorce, there are a lot of complex legal rights at stake. Our divorce lawyer will fight for you regarding...

Child support
Child custody
Spousal support
Visitation rights
Division of property

Whether you are divorcing without children or need to make arrangements for child custody, a lawyer at our firm will be there to guide you. Schedule a consultation with us today by calling 203-230-2500.