Workers' Compensation

Were You Hurt on the Job?

Were You Hurt on the Job?

Speak with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer in Hamden, CT

Accidents happen, but when you are injured at work, you have a right to compensation. Farver & Heffernan in Hamden, CT offers legal services to help employees seek and obtain workers' compensation. You will work directly with a litigation lawyer who will stand by your side throughout the whole process.

Discuss your options with an experienced workers' compensation lawyer today.

When can you pursue workers' compensation?

Workers' compensation is designed to protect employees when things go wrong in the workplace. You may be entitled to workers' compensation if...

You were involved in an accident on company property
You have been disabled, temporarily or permanently, as a result of your work responsibilities
You have long-term health complications resulting from your work duties or environment
You sustained injuries while completing work-related tasks

We also handle workers' compensation cases related to the Heart & Hypertension Act. If you want to pursue benefits for workers' compensation, a lawyer at our firm will walk you through the details. Make an appointment with a workers compensation lawyer today by calling 203-230-2500.